Monday, 19 March 2012

 (Group Song)
Music is what that comes out of speaker when we play a CD on our stereo. Music is singers singing and musicians playing music is a sound that we enjoy hearing.
Music is something containing notes, scales, rhythm, harmony, bass, melody….!!!!!!!!
Where words fail, music speaks. Group song is a part of music which has many singer in it….!!!!!!!
Rules and Registration:
1. Judging in the prelims will be based on
      . Quality of voice.
      . Sense of scale and beats.
      . Quality of performance.
2. There will be 2 rounds.
3. Not more than 6 members.
4. Time limit for song must not exceed 4 minutes.
5. Karoake will not be provided nor allowed.
6. Songs could be patriotic, motivational, jazz, folk or innovative.
Interested student may submit their vedio of 1minute  at our site along with their group name, member name and college name.

Ankita Bissa(3rd year, CSE)
Anupriya(EEE,2nd yr)

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