Monday, 19 March 2012

(Documentary making)
"Screen your aspects"
Most of the times we use camera to capture moments of our life.
Have you ever tried to bring other's life and issue within your reel????
 I think everyone must try to come out of his shell and what's different happenening around him,atleast once in life.
so friends this is the time when you can look for such amazing facts about world and build up a documantary story, come and chow us from the world from your eyes in the event...
We are Waiting!!!!!!
1.A team may consist of maximum 4 members.
2.A 2 minute video showcasing your talent is to be submitted.
3.Last date for the submission of entries is 24th march,2012.

Event Co-ordinators:-
Neelam Bhati( EEE,3rd yr)

Anamika (EEE,2nd yr)

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