Friday, 16 March 2012



MIME: The saga of acting without words
Silence is golden. So, wouldn’t the golden edition of “EPISTEMICO’12” be incomplete without it?
A “Silent” event among the wide range of events at this year’s EPISTEMICO.Here,we push you to express youself through gestures,postures and facial expressions.You  portrays ideas,themes or tell a story,by mere virtue of your physical  motions.Let the age of silent expressions be alive again.
Excellent synchrony, clubbed with animated looks, fuse aesthetically into a classy mime, which, beyond all barriers of language, spread across its messages to the spectators.


  • No of participants: 4-10
  •  Maximum duration of performance should be 10 min.
  • Weightage will be given to the theme and creativity of presentation.
  • Pre-recorded music is allowed and should be brought in a pen drive in .mp3 FORMAT only.
  • Participants can bring the production material and props required for the     play themselves.
  • Interested participants should send their video of 1 min. along their group name before 21th march 2012.
  • Decisions of the judges will be final.
For more information contact :
REKHA MEENA (3rd year EEE)                                                         
Contact no: 8947998088
CHAVVI BANSAL (2nd year CSE)                                                                    

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