Friday, 16 March 2012



Surfing through the channels of your television, have you ever stopped to ogle at that special actress endorsing a specific brand? Do you sometimes find yourself synchronizing to the tunes of that famous jingle? Do you have more knowledge about Prahladkakkar than HrithikRoshan? Then this is a platform to fulfill your innermost desire of becoming an ad maker. Buckle up your brainwaves & gather your teammates, its sell out!

Rules and regulations:
1. Max. No. of team members: 6
2. Teams need to prepare & act a short skit to advertise their product.
3. Teams can prepare the skit in Hindi/English.
4. Skit should be original & taglines of existing brands should not be used.
5. No restrictions on the product to be sold, it could be any real/non real entity.
6. Consists of only 2 round.
7. Judging Criteria: Participants will be judged on their creativity & genuineness.
8. Creating apt slogans will also carry marks.
9. Time Limit: 3-5 minutes.

Last date for name submission is 23rd,  march 2012

For further details contact to the coordinators.

Event co-ordinators:
Neha kalwani(3rd yr, CS)

Contact no: 9929038060

Vijaylaxmi   (2nd yr, EC)

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