Monday, 19 March 2012

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(technical qiuz)

Hey technocrats!!! Are you a technical geek?
 Does your life encircle around new emerging technologies, fascinating research and idiotic algorithms?.....
Are you looking for a place to show your geekiness?
Then register before technology changes, because this is the place where there would be bombardment
of questions on you. Its you who will bring the change........
Students who wish to seek participation in technical quiz can register their
names to undersigned:
Round1: AZUSA
• Objective questions from every field that digs the deep well of your
A set of 30 questions would be provided that covers all aspects of technology.
Time limit of 30 min would be provided to solve the paper.

Round2: ACME
• Astro quiz-questioning your knowledge on black holes galaxies, and
planets inhabitant by humans.
The selected teams promoted to next level will be judged on the account of questions even covering some aspects of astrology.
Set of 25 questions including diagrammatic representations would be asked.
Time limit of 45min would be provided.
Seven teams will be promoted to the third round.

Round3: BULL’S EYE
• there will be three rounds namely-verbal questions-rapid fire-audio/visual round
In first round verbal questions would be asked and 5 teams from the seven will be selected.
Second round is rapid fire.
Third round is audio/visual.
Time limit for whole event is 1hr 30 min.

Rules and regulation:-
1.time limit is to be strictly followed.
2.Decision of judges will be final.
 for further details contact:-
Aishwarya Dadhich(EEE,3rd year)
megha mittal(EEE,2nd year)


Mock Parliament also known as 'modern parliament' is a simulation of the 
parliamentary proceedings of a legislative of any particular country.
India,better known for the infamous parliamentary sessions wherethe tools of communication include "CHAPPALS" for our "mighty" politicians. This competition is held to inculcate basic manners and etiquettes required in a parliament.
Thus, in an effort to raise awareness regarding various social and youth issues....we being over to you...!!!!!!
                         "THE RUSSIAN MOCK PARLIAMENT" 
Individual entries arre allowed.
On the spot topic would be given.
Groups would be formed on the spot.
Interested candidates have to submit there entries to Coordinator:-

Susbhaya upadhaya(3rd year, CSE)
manasvi sharma(2nd year,

 Camels riding,Elephants sleeping and Horses competing in the Race.....
 Haven't you seen them on paper???
 Yes,surely you have writing skills..
 If you have capability to run these camels,elephants and horses in a beatiful pattern and astonishing the people.
This platform is for you to showcase your Calligraphy skills....
Event -Coordinator-:
Megha Bhatt(IT,3rd year)
Anali Dutt Gupta(CSE,2nd year)

 Lunatic about movies or you hate love stories…??? 
Does your world revolves around Raj and Simran of Indian Cinema than this is the place for you……….!!!!!!!!
So, come out and register yourself and get a chance to be “GEET GYANI”…!!!
1. Team would be consisted of 3 members.
2. Round 1 – it will be written round judging your knowledge about bollywood persons and their scoops and scandals.
3. Round 2 – show your Andaz  Apna Apna in audio visual round and selected participants would be pointed to 3rd round and then Khiladiyo ka Khiladi will be selected.
 Jaya chanchalani (3rd year,EEE)
Neelam balotia(2nd yr,IT)

(Documentary making)
"Screen your aspects"
Most of the times we use camera to capture moments of our life.
Have you ever tried to bring other's life and issue within your reel????
 I think everyone must try to come out of his shell and what's different happenening around him,atleast once in life.
so friends this is the time when you can look for such amazing facts about world and build up a documantary story, come and chow us from the world from your eyes in the event...
We are Waiting!!!!!!
1.A team may consist of maximum 4 members.
2.A 2 minute video showcasing your talent is to be submitted.
3.Last date for the submission of entries is 24th march,2012.

Event Co-ordinators:-
Neelam Bhati( EEE,3rd yr)

Anamika (EEE,2nd yr)